Tea Stand @ the Japan Town Farmers market

Casablanca Tea Ladies

As a small mother-daughter business we started our specialty tea line, Casablanca Teas,  3 years ago in 2016.   As many people enjoy their morning coffee we found our way into the vast world of tea.  The more we explored the more we were drawn in to it's historical development, humble traditions and most of all the flavor!  We are proud to be able to spread the joy with all.  When we first started at the farmers market we knew that this way definitely where our path would take us.  The many farmers and families that we've met along the way were pleased to see that we were interested and excited to pass along their heritage.  Our dedication for high quality tea is of most importance.  We hand select each and every tea to ensure that our customers enjoy some of the world's finest tastes.  Our café serves freshly made house favorites that when paired with tea can be enjoyed effortlessly.  We continue to make and prepare healthy dishes that the whole family can feel good about having.

We'd like to thank you for your support and encourage everyone to branch out and try something new.

Linda & Kristi